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Create feature-rich Word documents with music notation. Music Making in MS Word makes
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12 April 2010

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Music Making in MS Word facilitates enhancement of MS Word documents for using music notations. It’s a competent utility that combines advanced functions of much known MagicScore 6 music notation software with the famous text processor to facilitate the production of music literature, brochure, articles, or tutorials with necessary music notation associated. Using the program, you can create impressive publications, tutorials, educational matters, scientific and famous articles comprising of music notations, professional text formatting, mathematical equations, table and complex graphics. It integrates with MS Word placing a program icon with the toolbar to ensure easy accessibility. The program further enables you to work with various MS Word functions such as printing, embedding object, web publishing, etc.

The Music Making in MS Word 1.52 supports creating of music symbols and inserting single notes, diagrams, write lyrics, groups of chord descriptions, etc, as needed. It also integrates notes editor that aids you in carrying out necessary changes to data, composition properties, staff properties, voice, lyrics, etc. It supports embedding objects with different formats to enable writing music, and creating and publishing your work. The created sheet music can be saved as PDF or image, published over web, send without distorting music notation, and also can be printed as handouts or brochures. When you’ve entered a notation in Word document, double clicking takes you to the editor tool, where you can alter and create entire notation set and place it with MS Word. You can check the created notation by playing them and also can apply different effects.

Music Making in MS Word 1.52 utility is a boon for music professionals or music notation software developers as they can create impressive manuals by inserting notations within the Word file. The program functions smoothly and provides easy feature with notation editor that makes it worthy of receiving a score of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Music Making in MS Word makes it easy to enhance Microsoft Word documents with music notation. The unique product has no competition, and combines advanced features of the popularl music notation software, MagicScore 6, with world`s most popular text processor, allowing to produce music literature, articles, brochures or tutorials complete with music notation. Using Music Making in MS Word is simple, and the learning curve is easier than any music notation software.
Combine music notation with professional text formatting, complex graphics, mathematical equations and tables easily in Microsoft Word to produce stunning publications, educational matters and tutorials, popular and scientific articles with attractive design and text formatting.
Publish sheet music in the Internet or print sheet music to produce handouts or brochures. Music Making in MS Word allows using all features of Microsoft Word such as printing, Web publishing and embedding of objects in a variety of formats to write music, create and publish your work. Insert single notes, diagrams or add groups of chord descriptions by simply clicking buttons, or create your own musical symbols with ease.
You can send your Word documents complete with music notation to anyone - and they won`t need to install Music Making to see the music notation! No need to save your document as a PDF file or export it as an image to let your recipients see or print sheet music.
Music Making in MS Word makes it easy to transpose music and write lyrics in a familiar way. Use your mouse, computer or MIDI keyboard, virtual piano keyboard to write music in a Microsoft Word document, and get access to all the features of a music making software without leaving MS Word. If you need a useful music notation program, Music Making in MS Word is powerful, easy and quick to learn!
Music Making in MS Word
Music Making in MS Word
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